Aratu project

Aracaju, in the state of Sergipe, was awarded by Petrobras Integration Communities Program. It aims to strengthen local activities such as ecotourism products and services, so that it brings income and improve the quality of life of those who live in the region. One of the focus in his project is the implementation of a tourism cooperative and receptive basic infrastructure to encourage and develop community-based tourism.

The number of visitors increased, athletes and foreign investors has reflected the importance of preserving their potential. In coping perspective territorial mischaracterization, Aratu project, it acts through social and environmental technologies using participatory management mechanisms, in order to consolidate a collective and supportive business model. In order to promote the education of visitors about the local peculiarities and environmental preservation we emphasize the role of residents as managers and educators in the region. In addition to natural beauty and delicious cuisine, the community will offer their traditional knowledge, wisdom who was born and raised with strong integration with nature and the cooperative work and attuned to new technologies to promote sustainability