Rio de Janeiro




We believe volunteering should not only help but bring some benefit and legacy to the community in order to progress and develop. In this line of thought we decided to establish a partnership with Brazilidade, a community-based tour company, at Santa Marta community in Rio de Janeiro (or Dona Marta , as it is also known). Together, we set up a volunteer program in the slum to contribute and bring in some way a change in the community, however small, but creating a long-term impact on the lives of the residents.

Brazilidade has the community- based- tourism to transform the community, supports and encourages local initiatives. In the slum there are several projects in need for volunteers who literally want to work and help to build an environmental and social awareness for the people who lives in the slums.

Types of projects for volunteers at Santa Marta:

Recycling - project playing like children - volunteers who can teach the importance and awareness of waste recycling to the children and the community.

Permaculture - volunteers who can teach through techniques and training to Santa Marta residents so they can continue pratcing permaculture activities after the volunteers departure.

English classes - such as slum receives many foreigners, the local guides need classes to meet international demand , so will have more qualified jobs and a better income.

Collective Santa Marta - I want Santa Marta Clean! An initiative of Santa Marta residents who come together for a common purpose at all - Keep Favela Santa Marta clean.

Along with all those passionate projects you can still enjoy the wonderful city.

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