Santa Catarina


Bucket Revolution

Volunteering in a Social and Environmental project that in addition to changing the relationship of the people in the community with the environment is also serving to take young people from the path of violence.

In this program volunteers will visit a community called Chico Mendes in Monte Cristo neighborhood - Florianópolis, where they will literally put their hands in the job and joy this social project involving the community and the environment.

The Buckets Revolution (A Revolução dos Baldinhos) it is a local initiative of waste management and natural fertilizer production that enables the planting of food through urban agriculture. It is a community project, planned and implemented by community residents along with the Center for Studies and Promotion of Group Agriculture (CEPAGRO) in the community.

Chico Mendes community is one of nine communities that make the district of nearly 13,000 residents. The place is the home and the where the project Buckets revolution started, which collects makes compost 15 tons of organic waste per month. It started with 500 kilos, collecting discarded material by a school, a kindergarten with five families who agreed to separate the trash. Now part of the routine of Monte Cristo, changed the routine lives of some residents and increased the number of participating families for 50 - currently are about 250 families.

Visitors will have the chance to experience, together with volunteers and community workers, the whole process of waste collection, from the transportation to the place where it is stored and becomes fertilizer to the distribution of fertilizer and visit the houses to assist residents in the construction of vertical gardens. In addition to experience this environmental project, the volunteers will also learn a bit of the local people and the get to know their daily life at Chico Mendes community. The organic waste collection project beyond the social nature also looks at the social side. He helped to take young people out of the violence scenery since the community still has issues with drug trafficking.

In their free time the volunteers will be able to see the natural beauties of Florianópolis, distributed in areas with different ecosystems of the Atlantic Forest (Rain Forest dense, salt marsh, dunes), experiencing local dishes, hiking, canoeing, stand up paddle and sandboarding on the dunes of Joaquina.